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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Boggs) It is hard to say whether aesthetic or fanationalistic considerations moved Redd Boggs to denounce this sort of fan editor. The pseudo-Campbell is a wittold who spreads his subzine's price on the cover, decorates the thing with blurbs on the contents, tries to strike a balance between articles and fiction, and otherwise sets himself to produce a fanzine which is simply an imitation of a prozine, rather than a proper specimen of an amateur publication. Fanzines, after all, are intended for a rather small and well-defined group, not an anonymous mass; imitation of the proz (except satirically) violates artistic integrity aesthetically and from the fanationalistic point of view merely gives us an attempt at something the prozines do far better, and with four-color covers to boot.

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