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A whimsical and mythical commercial enterprise, run by Walt Willis and Lee Hoffman. Proxyboo, Ltd., offered to conduct various egoboosting forms of fanac in the name of whoever paid their exorbitant fees (which started at $10,000/year and went up, depending on the services rendered) which were guaranteed to turn the customer into a Well Known (or, at the higher end of the fee spectrum, Big Name) Fan. Its advertising claimed that anyone who was a WKF or BNF was, of course, already a Proxyboo, Ltd. client. Vernon McCain ran a rival service, but it was quite exclusive, working only for those whose initials were "RB"–its advertising named its supposed major "success story" clients, i.e., Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Redd Boggs, &c. Much later on, rich brown ran a free mailing label service for a dozen or so fanzines which was called Drudge Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vernon McCain Division of Proxyboo, Ltd–largely because the first two "clients" (himself and Richard Bergeron) shared the initials of those Vernon McCain customers.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
The fabulous (very) organization, operated by Walt Willis, which features fan activity by proxy. For a small fee any fan's crifanac is taken over and performed by Proxyboo's highly trained experts. There is a similar organization, Vernon McCain Inc, which does the same type of work and handles the activity for both fans and pros with the initials RB.

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