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From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
Art Widner's polls of fan opinion and data. Originally it was simply concerned with preferences among stf authors, etc. Appeals were broadcast in all leading fanzines for readers to send in their votes on certain questions, and as returns were compiled, they were published, later returns being published later. Then one issue of a fanzine called The Poll Cat appeared, at which time Widner set out to test the thesis that fans are a separate and distinct type (slans or whatever you want to call them). Thereafter, the poll, conducted thru Le Zombie (other subscription fanzines being irregular because of the war), included blank self-addresses postcards for the readers to reply on, rather than leaving it entirely to their own initiative. Looking for unusual average in fans, Widner found several characteristics that looked significant, such as longevity of grandparents, larger hat size, and greater height, but some remarks by Harry Warner cast serious doubts on them.

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