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(1956 --)

Peter Allen David is an author of comic books, novels, television programs, and movies. His comic book work includes an award-winning, 12-year run on The Incredible Hulk. He also worked on the Aquaman and Supergirl comic books, among others.

His Star Trek work includes both comic books and novels, including co-creating the New Frontier series. His other novels include film adaptations, media tie-ins, and original works. His television work includes series such as Babylon 5 and Nickelodeon's Space Cases, which he co-created.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

David has earned multiple awards for his work, including a 1992 Eisner Award, a 2007 Julie Award, and a 2011 GLAAD Media Award. He was GoH at Bubonicon 42, Necronomicon '93, Necronomicon '05, AggieCon XXIV, Chattacon 43, Keycon 33, and 2BeContinued 4. He was toastmaster at Con-Version IX.

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