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A fanzine published by Dale Speirs. It is described, "Opuntia began in March 1991 as an SF and Canadian fanhistory zine and has evolved over its decades of monthly publication. It now concentrates on reviews of SF and mystery, economics, history, and vignettes of life in Calgary. No fiction or poetry, but does include zine reviews other than those posted on efanzines."

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 March 1991
20 August 1994
23 February 1995
28 March 1996
29 October 1996
30 February 1997
31 March 1997
32 March 1997
33 May 1997
249 May 2012
252 July 2012
253 August 2012
273 March 2014
274 April 2014
275 Easter 2014
276 May 2014

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