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(December 25, 1917 -- August 5, 1983)

Oliver King Smith was Earl Singleton's roommate at MIT and was already a reader of sf, but after he helped Singleton with the pseuicide by publicizing it for him, Tucker built Smith into a fannish legend by writing humorous material about the pseuicide. In this bizzare way, Smith became a fan and according to Warner, he did attend sfnal events such as the Pacificon and LASFS meetings in California. He was a mathematician who worked on the space program at TRW. His children also all were in the sciences and some also became fans.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Tucker) offers a Fight-a-Feud service for Disgruntled Fen ("broken friendships a specialty"). OKS, who signed and sent out the letters announcing the pseuicide, was said to be a college friend and room-neighbor of Singleton's, and got royally toasted by the authorities for his involvement with zombie, but was not actually a fan. Tucker's use of the name had no connection with the actual bearer thereof.

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