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An Official Organ, or OO, is a fanzine published under the auspices of some organization as its official publication.

The OO is usually the memberzine of an apa.

Although clubs can also have OO's — The National Fantasy Fan is the OO of the N3F, e.g. (the OO of a club is sometimes called the club organ), the term has fallen out of use.

In an apa, the OO generally lists (1) the titles, editors and number of pages of publications in the individual apa mailing being sent out with it, (2) a membership roster listing all active members and dues and/or minac owed, plus waiting listers (with or without addresses), and (3) official reports from the OE/OC and other officers, if applicable.

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
or OO is a fanzine published under the auspices of some organization and designated as official. In some cases the editor volunteers; or he may be appointed or elected. He may offer an already-established fanzine to become the OO in return for aid in stencilling and running it or some other subsidy. The thing may be financed out of the general treasury, as when membership dues to an organization include subscription to the OO; more often it is paid for by subscriptions. Myriad organizations with few activities on their programs have become no more than their Official Organs; in such cases the OO may become dissociated and continue on its own just like a subzine. In fact, this is a tendency even in the Official Organs of thriving groups. Exceptions are the OOs of the fan APAs and the N3F's National Fantasy Fan, which are confined almost exclusively to official reports.
From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
A fanzine which is called the Official Organ of some organization. In some cases the editor is appointed by the organization; usually he simply volunteers, often offering a fanzine already established, to become the Official Organ. It may be financed out of the general treasury, but more often is paid for by subscriptions, or, when the administration is centralized, receives "membership dues" as in effect subscriptions. Myriad organization with few activities on their program have become no more than their Official Organ. Whether the organization survives or not, the organ almost always become dissociated from it, prints more and more miscellaneous material by non-members, and continues on its own just like any other subscription fanzine. Exceptions have been the FAPA's Fantasy Amateur and the Bulletin of the NFFF (Bonfire), which are confined almost exclusively to official reports.

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