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The 1971 Worldcon, and first in Boston, Noreascon was held September 2-6 at the Sheraton-Boston Hotel in Boston, MA. GoH: Clifford D. Simak, FGoH: Harry Warner, Jr. Robert Silverberg was Toastmaster and it was chaired by Tony Lewis.

As a gesture of friendship to Canadian fans, Noreascon translated the Hugo ballot into French and sent that to all Canadians. There was also a Russian version of the ballot.

Bidders: Boston in 71. See 1971 Worldcon Site Selection (note that this was the first Worldcon chosen with a 2-year lead time.)

1971 Hugos, 1973 Worldcon Site Selection.

Read Tony Lewis' reminiscence of the convention.

The banquet was recorded and Bill Desmond produced a pair of vinyl records from the recordings. The contents have been digitized and are available: part 1 (IA)

* Initial Introduction by Tony Lewis
* Remarks by Toastmaster Robert Silverberg
* First Fandom Hall of Fame Award presented by Lester del Rey to John W. Campbell, accepted by his daughter Philinda Campbell Hammond

part 2 (IA)

* TAFF Delegate Mario Bosnyak
* BoSh Fund Delegate Bob Shaw
* Pat Terry Award presented by Gordon Dickson to Ron Goulart, accepted by Terry Carr
* Big Heart Award presented by Forrest J Ackerman  to C. L. Barrett, accepted by Lou Tabakow
* Remarks by Robert Silverberg

part 3 (IA)

* Fan GoH Harry Warner, Jr.
* Pro GoH Clifford D. Simak

part 4 (IA)

* 1971 Hugo Awards, presented by Isaac Asimov

Heicon '70 Worldcon Bidding,  Hugos L.A.con I
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