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(Did you mean the Vassar or Canadian conventions?)

A gathering of fans, either at someone's home or in regular hotel convention space, during all or part of the Labor Day weekend, for those who cannot go to the Worldcon or NASFiC (for financial or other reasons) but who nonetheless feel restless about not meeting with other fans on Roscoe's birthday. The Noncon is simply declared and has no official recognition from the Worldcon or the NASFiC. Noncons are most likely to be held on the 'opposite' coast when a Worldcon or NASFiC is being held on either the Left or Right Coast, thus appealing to fans who cannot afford the cross-country trip.

A second variety of Noncon exists on a fairly regular basis – a July 4 weekend affair in LA when the Westercon is being held in some more exotic location, such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver or even Boise.

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