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NESFA purchased its clubhouse at 504 Medford St., Somerville, MA, in 1985. It is used for business and other meetings, the NESFA library, game nights, clubzine collations, con worksessions, storage of Coop crates and a bewildering amount of other stuff, bookcase construction parties, and whatever else local fen need space to do. Oh, there are a lot of books there too.

The clubhouse was a former dry cleaning establishment, and its purchase was finances by the club's available cash, plus a loan raised by means of the NESFA Lunar Realty Trust #1 which raised around $60,000 from club members as well as a generous loan from SCIFI. The club repaid the loans in full within about three years.

Deconstruction and reconstruction (a huge task -- see the articles below for much more on it) was led by the late Monty Wells. Many fen learned valuable skills which they later put to good use when they entered the housing market.

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