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NESFA Press is the publishing pseudopod of NESFA. It published annual GoH books in conjunction with Boskone, a series of NESFA's Choice books bringing back into print the works of deserving classic SF writers, and reference books of science fiction and science fiction fandom.

It was founded in the early 70s when Bill Desmond (with assistance from Robert Weiner and Donald M. Grant) produced the first Boskone Book. At about the same time, Tony Lewis started the NESFA Index, a continuation of the MITSFS Index. For many years, these were the nearly exclusive focus of NESFA Press.

By the late 70s, NESFA Press had become moribund -- the NESFA Index was no longer being published and a combination of limited interest on the part of both NESFA and a series of Boskone GoHs, led to the Boskone Book going into hiatus. NESFA Press was revived by Chip Hitchcock (nearly singlehandedly) producing a Boskone Book for Boskone 18 in 1981 (Unsilent Night by Tanith Lee).

In the early 90s, Mark Olson pioneered the NESFA's Choice series of books, bringing back into print classic sf in quality hardbacks. This series eventually extended to over 25 volumes.

NESFA Press was given a Special Committee Award at Denvention 3 in 2008, but by around 2010, the club had lost interest in publishing and the press's output had declined to about a book a year.

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