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Mystery Adventures, a pulp magazine published by Pierre Publications, began with a February/March, 1935 issue. Subsequent publishers were Fiction Magazines, Inc. and Good Story Magazines in 1936.

It sold for 20 cents (then 15 cents) and originally consisted of 112 pages.

The first editor was A. R. Roberts, followed by W. W. Hubbard, H. D. Hubbard, and finally by Harold Hersey (1936 - 1937).

It was re-titled New Mystery Adventures with the fourth issue, then re-titled Mystery Adventures Magazine, and finally reverted back to Mystery Adventures.

Issues usually contained at least one SF or fantasy story.

Adventure stories by L. Ron Hubbard were regularly printed in its pages.

A facsimile edition of the October, 1936 issue was reprinted by Odyssey publications in 1976.

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