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Mount to the Stars! was a slickly-produced fanzine edited by Gail Sutton and Charles Ford (Ford on issue #1 only). It lasted two issues published in Spring 1970 and Spring 1971. In format and general appearance it is similar to Trumpet.

The first issue featured covers (front and back) by Howard Waldrop. There are articles by A. A. Attanasio on Dune and Waldrop on James Agee. Sutton contributes a fascinating column about the publishing statistics of comic books from 1961 to 1967 (compiled from published circulation statistics), with a response by Richard Kyle. It is 56 pages, offset, with a black and white cover. Its pages are numbered in Roman numerals.

The second issue has full color covers by George Barr (front) and Mike Gilbert (back). Fiction includes "Spice Trails" by "Joseph Beyrd-Markham", a pseudonym of Attanasio. There are articles on Markham (by George Muny) and magick (by Vic Boruta). Illustrations are numerous, including one by Tim Kirk and many by Gilbert. Its pages are numbered in Hebrew numbers, apparently continuing the numbering of the first issue but not being consistent throughout.

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