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The art of using a mimeo to duplicate text and art.

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
Stencil duplication. The stencil is typed with typeribbon disengaged, cut with a stylus (smoothpointed piece of metal in a handle) and a rough celluloid sheet under the stencil, or with a shading screen. An ineffable blessing is obliterine. The number of copies from mimeoing is limited only by the durability of the stencils, somewhere in the thousands; naturally fans don't run off nearly that many. Stencils can be saved and filed after use by blotting between newspapers, and rerun if necessary. Multicolor mimeoing requires different colored inks, a different pad for each, and a different stencil cut for each color. Each copy sheet is run thru the mimeo as many times as there are color to go on it, care being taken to get them all in the same position with regard to the paper.

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