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(1928 -- 2008)

Lesser was an American SF author. Some of the SF stories he wrote were under the name he took legally in the 1950s, Stephen Marlowe.

{Is he the fan "Milt Lesser" who wrote Cephid?}

His SF mostly appeared in the Ziff Davis magazines, including his first story, "All Heroes are Hated!" for Amazing (November. 1950), but he had been an active fan for some years before that. As a fan he edited/published the fanzine Cepheid.

His other pseudonyms included Adam Chase, C. H. Thames, Christopher Thames, and the house name S. M. Tenneshaw; he also wrote thrillers as Thames, Andrew Frazer. and Jason Ridgway; and he ghosted the crime novel Dead Man's Tale (1961) as by Ellery Queen.

As Lesser he wrote several Young Adult SF novels, including Earthbound (1952), The Star Seekers (1953), Stadium Beyond the Stars (1960), and Spacemen Go Home (1961).

His novels for adult readers included Recruit for Andromeda (1959) and Secret of the Black Planet (1965).

Lesser also edited the anthology Looking Forward: An Anthology of Science Fiction (1953).

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