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Millennium Philcon, (FanHistoriCon 10.5) was the 2001 Worldcon, usually called MilPhil, third run in Philadelphia, was held August 30 to September 3 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and Philadelphia Marriott Hotel. GoHs: Greg Bear (author), Stephen Youll (artist), Gardner Dozois (editor), FGoH: George Scithers. Esther Friesner was Toastmaster. Chaired by Todd Dashoff. MilPhil was run by the Phanadelphia Corporation. (Milton Rothman, who chaired the previous two Worldcons held in Philadelphia, was declared to be "Chairman Emeritus".)

Bidders: Philadelphia in 2001, Orlando in 2001. (See 2001 Worldcon Site Selection.)

2001 Hugos, 1951 Retro Hugos, 2004 Worldcon Site Selection.

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