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(1948 --)

Michael Raymond Donald Ashley is a British fan, author and editor of SF and fantasy who writes as Mike Ashley. He is a member of The Esoteric Order of Dagon and First Fandom.

He published the fanzines Plinth, ...And Behold, Cushi Came, Monolith, Saliromania, and Xeron. He also published Info for the BSFA.

He ran for TAFF in 1993.

He edits the long-running Mammoth Book series of short story anthologies, each arranged around a particular theme in SF, fantasy, or mystery fiction. He has a special interest in fiction magazines and has written the multi-volume History of the Science Fiction Magazine.

With Marshall B. Tymn, he edited Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines (1985). He also assisted Frank H. Parnell in writing Monthly Terrors: An Index to the Weird Fantasy Magazines Published in the United States and Great Britain (1985). With Terry Jeeves we compiled The Complete Index to Astounding-Analog.

Ashley has contributed to many other genre reference works, including The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. He wrote the books to accompany the British Library's exhibitions, Taking Liberties (2008) and Out of This World (2011).

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