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Michael Bracken was the co-founder and later sole editor of the 21-issue fanzine Knights (which for its first 12 issues was known as Knights of the Paper Space Ship, aka KPSS), and he was editor of the 5-issue perzine Michael. He also published Ozone (a six-page one-shot, August 1974); Pooped Sheet (a one-page one-shot, August 1974); Mutated Mumblings (a one-page one-shot, October 1974); and, as Patrick Myers, This Things Doesn't Have A Name Yet, Got Any Ideas? (a two-page one-shot, November 1974). He was most active in fanzine fandom from late 1973 through the early 1980s.

He married Karin Gunn in 1978. They divorced in 1990.

He was a founding member of APA-50.

His fiction, articles, LoCs, and cartoons appeared in numerous fanzines during the 1970s.

He wrote short fiction for several semi-prozines while active in fandom, and he made his professional fiction debut in November 1978. He is the author of several books and more than 1,200 short stories in various genres.

Though no longer active in fandom, he occasionally attends conventions in Texas as one of the pros.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

  • 1978 -- Chromecon (convention was cancelled at the last minute)

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