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Midwestcon 7 was a relaxacon held May 24-27, 1956 at the North Plaza Motel in Sharonville, OH. Attendance seems to have been around 110 on a very rainy weekend with 3 inches overall.

(The turnout was stellar, including P. Schuyler Miller, Robert Bloch, Larry Shaw, Dave Kyle, Harlan Ellison, Bob Silverberg, Randall Garrett, E. E. Smith, Edmond Hamilton, Marty Greenberg, Lloyd Eshbach, Frank Robinson, Don Ford, Howard DeVore, Steve Schultheis, George Raybin, Jim Harmon, Tom Scortia, Bob Madle, Lynn Hickman, Lou Tabakow, and Doc Barrett. (They don't make relaxacons like they used to!)

See Fantasy Times #249 p2 for a long con-report by Don Ford.

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