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A fannish musical set in an alternate universe where the 1973 Worldcon is held in Minneapolis. It was written by Susan Ryan, Denny Lien, Jerry Stearns, Ruth Berman, Mark Digre, David Emerson, Ken Fletcher, Dick Tatge, EssJay, Karen Johnson, Larry Nichols, Renée Valois, and Reed Waller.

The script, along with an appendix on performing the music, and another on how the musical came to be, along with some photos from its first public performance on April 9, 1977, at Minicon 12, has been published by Minn-StF with the cover title Midwestside Story. It has a Ken Fletcher cover, and is 62 pages of twiltone.

Denny Lien as Anti-Fan was shoehorned into this production (as DUFF delegate to the Minneapolis Worldcon) because his friends thought that he looked a lot like the villain of the Aussiecon 1 bid file, Anti-Fan, which was then circulating to show at US conventions.

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