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Michicon 4 was held June 17-19, 1944 at the slan shack in Battle Creek, MI. There were 23 people present, including Bob Tucker, Ken Krueger, Al Ashley, Lynn Bridges, Len Marlow, Joe Hensley, Frank Robinson, Else Janda, Mari Beth Wheeler, Joanne Bates, A; Glassen, Ollie Sasri, Ty Tyrone, Joe Machay, Ed Counts, Earl Perry, Helen Perry, Jack Wiedenbeckm Walt Liebscher, Thelma Morgan, E. E. Evans, Abby Lu Ashley, Milton Ashley.

Events included swimming, an auction held by candlelight when a thunderstorm made them lose power, and some private huckstering. Frank Robinson published two issues of FANEWS[CARD] during the convention.

By modern standards, this would be a relaxacon.

A page from IPIH/AIN reporting on the convention:

1943 Michiconference Michiconference 1945 Michiconference
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Also involved: Joe L. Hensley
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