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(1945-December 30, 2009)

Baltimore fan who worked with Jack Chalker to publish The Index to the Science-Fantasy Publishers for which he received a nomination for the 1992 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo, and The Revised H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography (1973). His The Electric Bibliograph series published single-author bibliographies. Owings was also the publisher of Croatan House in conjunction with Chalker and Ted Pauls.

He was a long-time member of BSFS and co-chaired Balticon 5, Balticon 6, and Balticon 7, and chaired Balticon 26. He was vice-chairman of the Baltimore in '80 Worldcon bid. He was Fan GoH at Balticon 18 and Fan Ghost of Honor at Balticon 45. He was part of the Philadelphia in 1977 Worldcon bid.

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