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Marion Cox of Sioux City, Iowa, published a SF fanzine titled Femzine that specialized in material by women. Cox contributed a SF story, "The Lonely Robot," to the zine.

In the mid-1950s, she was also active in Fanettes, an organization for women.

Her photograph appears on page 16 of A Wealth of Fable, the informal history of fandom written by Harry Warner, Jr..

According to Eric Leif Davin in his book Partners in Wonder (2006), Femzine was not the first all-female SF fanzine. That honor belongs to STF-ETTE, a fanzine first published by Pogo (Mary Gray) of LASFS in September, 1940. Only women were supposed to contribute to this zine, thought by Sam Moskowitz to be the "first feminist fanzine."

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