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Marcon 36 was held May 25–27, 2001 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. The theme was "Intelligence – Artificial or Otherwise?" Author GoH was Robert Jordan, Artist GoH was Ellisa Mitchell, Filk GoHs were Bob Passavoy and Ann Passavoy, Featured Filker was Karen Anderson, Fan GoH was Ray Van Tilberg, Media GoH was Gary Lockwood, Prometheus Awards GoH was James P. Hogan, Libertarian Futurist Society Guests: Brad Linaweaver, Poul Anderson, Vernor Vinge, Michael Grossberg, Victoria Varga, Joseph Martino, Victor Milan, L. Neil Smith, Victor Kolman, and J. Neil Schulman, and Toastmaster was Dr. Demento. Approximately 3600 attendees.

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