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A fanzine fan living in California who found fandom in 1981. She was a co-founder of Corflu (and on the Corflu 1 committee) and of the San Francisco Lounge Lizards. She chaired Corflu Nashville.

Her fanzines include Rude Bitch and Dear Rude Bitch (with Avedon Carol), Axolotl, Convention Girls' Digest (with Allyn Cadogan and Sharee Carton), Fully Caffeinated, Abattoir (with Bryan Barrett, later renamed Cartouche), Southern Gothic, Sisters (with Pam Wells and Jeanne Gomoll), and Aries Moon. In the late 70s and early 80s she coproduced a public-access TV show The Emperor Norton Science Fiction Hour in San Francisco. A Bright Particular Star is a collection of Huntzinger's fan writing published in 2002 by Kim Huett.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved: - 1998 FAAn Awards - 2000 FAAn Awards - 2016 DUFF Race - 2017 DUFF Race - A Corflu 36 Fanthology - Corflu 13 - Corflu 8 - Fanthology '93 - Fanthology 1994 - Letters from Prison - Past President of the Fan Writers of America

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Also- 1998 FAAn Awards - 2000 FAAn Awards Also- Past President of the Fan Writers of America