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(August 20, 1890 -- March 15, 1937)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American fan and pro who spent most of his life in Providence, RI where he wrote weird fiction. He was one of the most influential writers in the sf and fantasy genre. Beginning with his first published story in 1919, he wrote what he called "cosmic horror', the idea that the universe is essentially unknowable and inimical to humans. Most of his stories fit into the Cthulhu Mythos. Arkham House was founded to bring his works back into print.

While HPL's reputation now rests on his professional work, he was equally influential as a fan, maintaining a huge correspondence as well as publishing in fanzines. He was active in Amateur Journalism, and helped to bring the APA into fandom. He was a member of the National amateur press association NAPA and of its rival, the United amateur press association UAPA. The World Fantasy Award trophy statuette was designed by artist Gahan Wilson and was first presented at the 1st World Fantasy Convention in 1975. The use of this statuette was discontinued by the World Fantasy Awards committee in 2016 for reasons which many have found controversial.

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Also- 1941 Best Fan Writer Retro Hugo - 1944 Best Novella Retro Hugo Also- British Fantasy Award