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(1950 -- February 16, 2014)

Known as Blue Petal, after the Vaughn Bodé character, Louis Fallert, an early member of Minn-Stf, chaired Minicon 5 and co-chaired Minicon 7.

He founded Lou's Apa (later named Blue's Apa) and was a long-time member of Minneapa, publishing the apazine Running Dog of the American Imperialist Hippies.

With John Kusske and Al Kuhfeld, Blue brought the Word of the Great Spider to fandom.

He created a D&D-style game called Castle Keep, introducing many fans to gaming. He was a member of Alarums and Excursions. He also wrote and performed music.

Sometime in the early '80s, he married a mundane and was fafiated. He died February 16, 2014 of central nervous system lymphoma first diagnosed following a stroke on December 29.

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