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List of users to be notified of move to Mediawiki

People tagged with 'yes' have made over 50 edits and need to be notified People tagged with 'some' have made over 25 edits and ought to be notified People tagged with 'recent' have made fewer edits, but have done so recently.

Wikidot ID Fancy 3 page email address Active?
Karen Kruse Anderson & KarenGA Karen G. Anderson deceased
dd-b David Dyer-Bennet
WoodyJophan Woody Bernardi
AJWM Alastair Mayer
Leigh Blackmore Leigh Blackmore yes
Raymond Boudreau Raymond Boudreau
Michael Bracken Michael Bracken some
Thomas Bull Thomas Bull yes
Dirk Broer Dirk Broer yes
Kenneth D. Brown Kenneth D. Brown
Warren Buff Warren Buff some
Randy Byers Randy Byers deceased
Mirandactyl Miranda Butler
Tom Cardy Tom Cardy
Jim Caughran Jim Caughran
Darrah Chavey Darrah Chavey yes
TieDyeEric Eric Coleman some
Vincent Docherty Vince Docherty some
garykf Gary feldbaum some
Johan-Martijn Johan-Martijn Flaton
bgoldnyxnet Barry Gold
Delphi Psmith Lyn Gold
Gay Haldeman Gay Haldeman
djwudi Michael Hanscom
William S Higgins Bill Higgins some
supergee Arthur Hlavaty
Aron Insinga Aron Insinga yes
Gareth Kavanagh Gareth Kavanagh
Archfiend Chris Krolczyk some
David Langford Dave Langford yes
Benjamin Levy Benjamin Levy
Extollager Dale Nelson some
mikek999 Mike Kennedy
Fred Lerner Fred Lerner
robertlichtman Robert Lichtman
Orange Mike Mike Lowrey
matimatik Ivan Matimatik
k6rfm Rich McAllister
Gmcgath Gary McGath some
Murray Moore Murray Moore some
Akirlu Ulrika O'Brien
rdzogschen Alexander Olivarez-Sánchez
mlo1 Mark Olson yes
Priscilla Olson Priscilla Olson
John Pomeranz John Pomeranz
John Purcell John Purcell
Mark W Richards Mark W. Richards yes
Roger Robinson Roger Robinson some
riverpa Ann Rudolph
shsilver Steven H Silver yes
Fluffnik Andi Shechter Deceased
Barry Short Barry Short
William Shunn William Shunn
Joe Siclari Joe Siclari yes
Randal F. Smith Randy Smith
Leah Zeldes Smith Leah Zeldes Smith yes
David Speakman David Speakman yes
Edie Stern Edie Stern yes
jon david swartz Jon D. Swartz yes
noart1972 some
Geri Sullivan Geri Sullivan some
burbank396 & DeanSweatman Dean Sweatman once active; 2 IDs
Alan Thiesen Alan Thiesen thiesen@CS.Stanford.EDU yes
tinman0 Eugene Doherty some
lesliet Leslie Turek
confan Jo Van Ekeren yes
TomVeal Tom Veal yes
cybernetic nomad Rene Walling yes
jackw & fanac Jack Weaver deceased
Mrs_EmmaP Marlene Willauer
Brad Verter Brad Verter
Tom Whitmore Tom Whitmore some
Wolf von Witting Wolf von Witting
Pete Young Pete Young