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LepreCon 44 was a convention held June 22-24, 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix North in Phoenix, AZ. It had the now-usual gaggle of GoHs: Artist GoH: Lubov, Local Artist GoH: Jon Santaanta Proudstar, Writer GoH: Maxwell Alexander Drake, Gaming GoH: Eric Wile, Filk GoH: Open Beta, Comic Book Writer: Alex Pescador, Comic Book Artist: Shea "Bird" Robinson, and Science Guest: James C. Glass.

LepreCon 44 (and LepreCon 45) was originally rebranded as Phoenix Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art Expo to be held at the Unexpected Art Gallery in Phoenix. The GoHs were to be two local artists Manuel Flowers and Carlos Rivas. Local fandom did not like this and this rebranded LepreCon was cancelled in November 2017 and a more traditional LepreCon planned. (Another reaction to the rebranding was the creation of CoKoCon, which see.)

https://leprecon44.org (IA)

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