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Lee Klingstein Gold is a fan and filker living in Los Angeles who found fandom around 1967. She is a member of LAFA (and helps handle its mailings), and a writer and publisher of filk songs. She published Xenofilkia, a bi-monthly compilation of filk songs, published since 1988, four issues of Filker Up, an anthology; and, since 1975, a monthly gaming zine, Alarums and Excursions.

She is a member of LASFS and served as secretary. She was a founding member of Wayne Third Foundation and is a member of The Cult and APA-L. Fanzines edited include: The Third Foundation, The Best of APA-L #3, The Bastard Children of Argo, Khorlia, Tom Digby Along Fantasy Way, and Filker Up.

With her husband Barry Gold, she has edited several of the official convention songbooks for ConChord, and co-edited the songbook for ConFrancisco. Books included Con Chords and Choruses.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Video of interview with Barry (IA)

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Also involved with: Los Angeles Filkers Anonymous - OakLaCon - The Golden Gait Songbook
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