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LASFS was the first club to own its own clubhouse.

LASFS meeting places
Dates Location Notes
Very early 60s Fan Hillton
Just a bit later in the 60s 222 S. Grammercy St Lasted for one year before neighbors complaining about noise got them kicked out
Feb-April 1962 Alpine Playground Club moved because of bad neighborhood
April 1962 - May 1967 Silverland Playground Gymnasium, at Silverlake and Van Pelt Streets Playground started charging rent to organization which collected dues, and LASFS forced to move
June 1967 - June 1967 Labyrinth of Valeron, "The Lab", at 330 S. Berendo St
June 1967 - October 1968 The Hill (another fan residence) Building demolished: Club moved
October 1968 - Palms Playground Recreation Center in West Los Angeles

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