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(October 10, 1910 – June 10, 1993)

L. Jerome “Jay” Stanton was associate editor of Street & Smith's prozine Astounding in the 1940s. After World War II, he joined the New York sf community and worked as an assistant to John Campbell on the science magazine Air Trails and Science Frontiers.

He was the Chief Operations Officer of the Hydra Club, frequently sending out special notices. With Larry T. Shaw, he was co-editor of the Hydra Club Bulletin (though it may only have had one issue).

He was the toastmaster at Philcon I in 1947. A fine singer and guitarist, he played "St. Louis Blues" with Theodore Sturgeon as part of the Worldcon entertainment.

He was married, for a time, to Carol Metcalf Ulf (later Pohl).

Fred Pohl wrote of him: “Jay was a far kinder organism than the rest of homo sapiens. If there were any areas of greed, or rage, or regret anywhere in his soul I never saw them betray themselves in acts.”

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