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(January 14, 1921--December 16, 2005)

[Henry] Ken[neth] Bulmer was a major British fan, Bulmer was TAFF delegate in 1955, attended the Clevention. His TAFF Report, TAFF Tales was published by Ella Parker in Orion between February 1959 and April 1961 with an earlier article published in the Christmas 1955 issue of Vin¢ Clarke's Science Fantasy News. He was married to fellow fan Pamela Bulmer.

He was on the committee for Loncon I and the Eastercons, Festivention and Galactic Fair 1969. In 1972 he was made the first (honorary) president of the British Fantasy Society.

His fanzines included Steam, Star Parade, Fantasy Post (with Arthur Williams), Nirvana, Wappoted (with Walt Willis), and Ziz (for OMPA with Pamela Bulmer).

As a prodigiously prolific author, Bulmer used numerous pseudonyms over the course of his career, including Alan Burt Akers and Manning Norvil. His 53 book long Dray Prescott series was originally published as by Akers and later under the protagonist's name. In addition to science fiction, Bulmer also wrote westerns and historical adventures.

BECCON '83 produced a 52 page booklet about him.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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