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KWEST*Con was a combined SF convention and Star Trek convention held November 1–3, 1974, at the WMU Student Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Harlan Ellison was GoH and Ruth Berman was FGoH.

Paula Smith and Sharon Ferraro were the organizers. The name came from their fanclub, KWest* (pronounced “kwest star”).

It was a predecessor to Re-KWEST-Con, held July 4-6, 1975, at the Holiday Inn Crosstown in Kalamazoo, with GoH Kelly Freas.

Convention Dates Gohs Notes
KWEST*Con November 1–3, 1974 Harlan Ellison, Ruth Berman
Re-KWEST-Con July 4-6, 1975 Kelly Freas Attendance was about 175.
SeKWester*Con 1976
SeKWester*Con, Too 1977
T'Con 1978
2'Con 1979
Mos' Eastly Con 1980–1991

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