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(1954 --)

John Maizels is an Australian fan, and son of Monty Maizels also an Australian Fan.

John's first con of any type was AussieCon One in 1975.

After moving to Sydney he attended at least one Syncon before finding himself on the ConCom of AussieCon Two, for which he was Technical Director and MC of the Masquerade.

John also attended AussieCon Three (with parents and wife in tow), and AussieCon Four (SM for the Hugos), making him one of a smallish number of people to have attended all four Australian Worldcons. He joined the CoNZealand bid at AussieCon IV.

He is probably best known within Fandom for developing a formal worldcon approach to video at conventions, and has acted as video producer and/or director for many Worldcon Masquerade and Hugo Ceremonies. He directed the "Garcia Moment" video clip (Renovation, 2011) which was nominated for the 2012 Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form Hugo.

John will be Tech Division Head for CoNZealand in 2020.

He is an active member of the TechnoFandom collective.

Outside Fandom

John regards Fandom and Cons as having contributed substantially to his life in the mundane world:

  • development of video engineering and operational skills, which underpinned involvement with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
  • experience building and running teams (he's been heard to say "if you can manage volunteers you can manage anything")
  • creation of a global network of friends
  • an oblique set of circumstances which led to his marriage to a fellow Fan

Arguably much of this would not have happened - and certainly not as strongly - without the experience and learnings from Worldcon involvement.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Stories which were most influential: And He Built a Crooked House and Mimsy were the Borogoves

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