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(1920 -- 1970)

Artist John Giunta was an active SF fan artist in the 1930s, and did artwork for fanzines of that period.

He began his professional career in comic books, working for the Chesler Shop in the late 1930s as a letterer and colorist. He later worked for several of the major comic book companies, including Archie, DC, Fawcett, Hillman, Marvel, and Tower.

He contributed art to fanzines such as Fantasy Fiction Pictorial and Comet Stories of Time and Space. He edited one issue of Cosmic Tales as well as contributing artwork to it. He published Amazing Wonder Tales.

He began working in the science fiction field in the 1940s, doing artwork for the SF magazines published by Popular Publications. He soon was also contributing to Weird Tales. At the time his art was strongly influenced by comic book artist Will Eisner.

In the late 1950s he served as art director for Saturn Science Fiction.

Along with his magazine and comic book work, Guinta also did cartoons for Quick Frozen Food magazine, edited by Sam Moskowitz.

Other genre magazines in which Giunta's artwork appeared included Amazing, Avon Science Fiction & Fantasy Reader, F&SF, Fantastic Adventures, Fantastic, Fantastic Universe, Galaxy, Infinity, Satellite Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventures, Super Science Stories, Ten Story Fantasy, Venture, and Worlds of Tomorrow.

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