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(b 1939)

Australian fan active beginning in 1963 through the 80s. He was a major force behind Australia winning the right to host Aussiecon, the 1975 Worldcon and was its Toastmaster.

He was nominated for the 1975 Best Fan Writer Hugo, and under his editorship the fanzine Australian Science Fiction Review was nominated for the 1967 Best Fanzine Hugo, and the 1968 Best Fanzine Hugo.

He was a founding member of ANZAPA (his apazines were The New Millennial Harbinger and Procrustean Papers) and publisher of the Australian Science Fiction Review from 1966 through 1969, before it was renamed Scythrop (1969 and Summer 1973-74). He was co-chair of the 1970 Australian Natcon, and Fan GoH at Ozcon (the 1974 Australian Natcon. He won the 2001 A. Bertram Chandler Award, four Ditmars, the 2016 FAAn Award for Lifetime Achievement, and ran for DUFF in 1974. Along with Ronald E. Graham he published John W. Campbell -- An Australian Tribute.

He also published the fanzines Australian Science Fiction Monthly, Bundalohn Quarterly, Parergon Papers, Scythrop, Philosophical Gas, The Cosmic Dustbag, Revolting Tales of Sex and Super-Science, and Stunned Mullet.

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