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Jim Webbert got into fandom at NorWesCon, the 1950 Worldcon in Portland, OR and is married to fellow fan Doreen Webbert.

He has been the art auctioneer for most of the LepreCons, doing his best to squeeze every last cent out of the bidders. He has also auctioned at CopperCon, World Horror Con, Fantasy Con and several of the charity auctions at various conventions. He has been at all but one or two LepreCons starting with the first. He was on the committee for Seacon, the 1961 Worldcon in Seattle.

He was a reserve police man with the Seattle PD, spent 33 years in the Army Reserves (taught nuclear, biological, & chemical warfare), and was a chemist in real life. He is a gun and weapons specialist, shoots in competitions, loves model rockets & HO trains, and has almost as many books as a small library. Then there is the SF/F Art collection that got its start around 1959, it could fill an art show.

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