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Jeff Redmond grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He has lived in Bombay (Mumbai), India, and several other countries.

He attended colleges at Davenport University, Michigan State University, UCLA, and Lund Universitet in Sweden, among others. He has Bachelors degrees in American History, Business Administration, and International Business, and a Masters Degree in European History.

He has been a columnist, news reporter, and freelance writer for magazines and newspapers, and is author of SF/fantasy novels. He has been a member of the Authors Guild, the National Fantasy Fan Federation, and the Science Fiction Writers of America.

His articles frequently appeared in the recently revived N3F fanzine Tightbeam when it was edited by Bob Jennings. Tightbeam won a Neffy Award in 2018.

Redmond currently serves on the N3F Membership Recruitment Bureau.

He currently holds the rank of a Commander in the International Star Trek Fan Association.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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