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Australian fan. She discovered fandom when she attended Aussiecon in 1975. At the convention, she met John Bangsund, whom she had previously met professionally but without knowing of his interest in science fiction. John sent her some of his fanzines and she was hooked. She was soon publishing her own fanzines (WeberWoman's Wrevenge, mainly), participating in apas, and attending cons.

A few years later, she met Eric Lindsay and spent years totally immersed in fandom, culminating in their joint win of a GUFF trip to the UK in 2001 (followed by production of an online and printed trip report, Jean and Eric 'Avalook at the UK).

After a 20-year run, WeberWoman's Wrevenge went into hiatus in 2001. She has been a member of ANZAPA and A Women's APA.

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Also involved: - 1984 GUFF Race - 1987 GUFF Race - Aussiecon Memory Book - Close Encounters of Lizards at Aussiecon - Ditmar Awards - Golden Caterpillar Awards

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Also- Ditmar Awards - Golden Caterpillar Awards