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A judged award for short sf, named for Irish author and fan James White, founded by James Bacon and sponsored by Interzone. It is now administered by the British Science Fiction Association. The first award was presented at a ceremony on October 22, 2000.

Ansible report on first ceremony (IA)

Year Winner Awards Ceremony Notes
2001 Mark Dunn Dublin Writer's Museum
2002 David Levine Queen's University, Belfast
2003 Julian West Novacon 32
2004 Deirdre Ruane Concourse
2005 Elizabeth Hopkinson Interaction
2006 Jennifer Harwood-Smith Octocon 2007
2007 No Award
2008 No Competition
2009 No Competition
2010 James Bloomer BSFA Annual General Meeting
2011 Colum Paget Olympus
2011 Tori Truslow Olympus Special Commendation
2012-13 Shannon Fay EightSquaredCon No break in award -- year designation was changed from year of story to year of award.
2012-13 Philip Suggars EightSquaredCon Runner-up
2014 D. J. Cockburn Satellite 4
2014 Vina Jie-Min Prasad Satellite 4 Special Commendation
2015 Mack Leonard Dysprosium
2016 David Cleden Mancunicon
2017 Stewart Horn Innominate
2017 Daniel Roy Innominate Special Commendation
2018 Dustin Blair Steinacker
2018 Gustavo Bondoni Special Commendation
2019 David Maskill

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