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Jaffa Books is a small, independent publisher and dealer located in Australia. It was started by J. F. R. Coates.

Books published include:

  • Axinstone (The Destiny of Dragons 1) by J. F. R. Coates
  • Impossible Magic (The Destiny of Dragons 2) by J. F. R. Coates
  • Song of the Summer King (The Summer King Chronicles 1) by Jess E. Owen
  • Skyfire (The Summer King Chronicles 2) by Jess E. Owen
  • These Empty Words by Adrian Moore
  • Blood Choice by Stephanie Park (e-book)
  • The Buddha Leaves by Barry Rosenberg (e-book)
  • Delirium by Grant Robinson
  • New Horizons (anhtology)
  • Legendary (anthology)
  • The Garden Maze by Stephanie Park
  • Kingsblood by J. S. Harris (2016)

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