J. Harvey Haggard

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(1913 -- 2001)

Haggard was a writer and railwayman, known primarily for his stories in the early SF pulp magazines. He was a member of the Jules Verne Prize Club.

His first story, "Faster Than Light" (October, 1930 Wonder Stories) was written when he was seventeen in response to a contest in Air Wonder Stories and dealt with the idea of accelerating to the speed of light and breaking through into a new universe.

His "Earth Reborn" was the first novel-length story in Future Fiction (November, 1939). He is remembered today primarily for his Earthguard series of stories in Wonder Stories (1933-1934).

His photograph and brief biography were published in the February, 1939 issue of Amazing Stories.

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940 p7.

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