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(???? -- June 28, 1978)

John Michael Rosenblum was one of the UK's first, and best-liked, fans. He was active in Leeds fandom from the mid-1930s and attended the 1937 Leeds Convention. He was on the committee of Midvention in 1943. In the 50s, he helped form the Leeds Science Fiction Association and was active in the BSFA and FAPA.

He published fanzines in the 30s through the 50s, the most famous of which was the Futurian War Digest (FWD), and was a regular at British conventions into the 1970s. He was known for having one of Europe's largest collections of SF.

During WWII he was a conscientious objector and was put to work on a farm during the day and as a fire watcher during German night-time raids. His publishing activities with FWD was very nearly the only thing that kept fandom alive in Great Britain during the War.

His son, Howard Rosenblum, was also a fan.

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