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An international apa abortively started in 1964 by Kris Carey. In early 1965 it was resurrected when Dwain Kaiser took over as head honcho. It was scheduled to be published three times a year and to be an international apa with members from many countries but, initially, Sweden's Carl Brandon, Jr. was the only foreign member. (Carl Brandon, Jr. is a fake name.)

Bruce Pelz remarked that the InterAPA constitution is taken from FAPA's -- but with added complications! "The FAPA monster carries its own swamp of quicksand with it."

It got off to a rough start. The first mailing was four people, and comprised mainly of fanzines which had already appeared elsewhere and had 83 pages. It slowly grew (the 3rd mailing was 21 members and 196 pages) but then it started missing mailing deadlines and was several mailings behind by 1967.

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