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A fanzine published by Terry Carr and Dave Rike in February 1957 and later merged with Void.

It often reprinted fanzine articles that the editors thought important to fan history and was where Carr and Peter Graham presented Carl Brandon, Jr.. There were many outstanding issues, like the 94-page third annish, in 1960 which included Walt Willis's entertaining "The Raybin Story", a fannish 'screenplay' about the WSFS fan feuds of the late 50s, and Harry Warner, Jr.'s detailed review of Moskowitz's The Immortal Storm.

Contributors included Greg Benford, Ron Bennett, Carl Brandon, Carol Carr, Sid Coleman, Calvin Demmon, Bill Donaho, Dean Grennell, Arnie Katz, Ray Nelson, Elmer Perdue, Tom Perry, Harry Warner, Jr., Ted White, Walt Willis and Susan Wood. Artists included Hannes Bok, Grant Canfield, Ronald Clyne, Cynthia Goldstone, Lee Hoffman, Joy Kinney, Trina Robbins, Bill Rotsler, Dan Steffan, Steve Stiles, ATom, and Bjo Trimble.

In 1990, after Carr's death, Jerry Kaufman published issue 12, which Carr had begun when still alive.

Innuendo's annish was known as the Innish.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 edited by Terry Carr and Dave Rike
2 October 1956 28
3 March 1958 22
5 1957 Terry Carr now sole editor
7 1958 42
8 August 1958 60
9 June 1959 64
10 December 1959 100 Third Annish which included Walt Willis's entertaining The Raybin Story, a fannish 'screenplay' about the WSFS Inc. feuds of the and Harry Warner, Jr.'s detailed review of Sam Moskowitz's The Immortal Storm.
11 April 1966 70
12 May 1990 80 Begun by Terry Carr, this issue was published after his death by Robert Lichtman and Jerry Kaufman

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