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The Immortal Storm is an amazing book, chronicling the feuds and the fun of the kids in their teens and twenties who created Fandom As We Know It. It has been said with considerable justice that The Immortal Storm is the only book where World War II comes as an anti-climax.

To see another point of view on the same events, read Jack Speer's Up To Now.

Harry Warner review (IA)

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Fandom; more particularly, Sam Moskowitz' epic history of pre-war fandom under that title, to which you are referred if you want more historical information than we can include in this volume. Moskowitz has been criticized for excessive emphasis on New York happenings, and there has been a cry that fan history should be deMoskowitzized as American history needs to be deAdamsized -- because Moskowitz, like the Adams family, has the advantage of being almost the only source on some data.

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