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A person or persons headed by a Hugo administrator who have been delegated complete responsibility for administration of the Hugo voting process. This is provided for in the WSFS Constitution in section 3.12:

No member of the current Worldcon Committee nor any publications closely connected with a member of the Committee shall be eligible for an Award. However, should the Committee delegate all authority under this Article to a Subcommittee whose decisions are irrevocable by the Worldcon Committee, then this exclusion shall apply to members of the Subcommittee only.

It is not required that there be a Hugo administrator and Hugo Subcommittee, but that has been the invariable custom for over forty years. All members of the committee responsible for Hugo voting are ineligible to be nominated for a Hugo as is any publication closely associated with them. This would apply to all members of a Worldcon Committee (many hundreds of people, many of whom would potentially be in the running for a Hugo nomination) unless full authority over the Hugo voting process is delegated to a Hugo Subcommittee.

(Even if they are technically eligible due to the existence of a Hugo Subcommittee, it's still tacky for people closely associated with the Hugo process to accept nomination, even if they are technically eligible, since their position gives them an unfair advantage or can bring the Hugos into disrepute by the appearance of a conflict of interest.)

Note that the WSFS Constitution says "whose decisions are irrevocable by the Worldcon Committee". This does not mean that the Worldcon Committee can't change the membership of the Hugo Subcommittee or fire the Hugo administrator.

The Hugo administrator is always a member of the Hugo Subcommittee. If the Hugo Subcommittee includes more than one person, the Hugo administrator chairs the Hugo Subcommittee.

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