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The 1970 Worldcon (it also called itself "Heicon '70 International") held August 20-24 at the Heidelberg Stadthalle, Heidelberg, Germany. The GoHs were E. C. Tubb (UK), Robert Silverberg (US), and Herbert W. Franke (Germany). The FGoH was Elliot K. Shorter. Heicon had decided prior to the convention to select the TAFF winner as its Fan Guest. The subsequent winner of the 1970 TAFF election was Elliot Shorter. John Brunner was Toastmaster and it was chaired by Manfred Kage.

Bidders: See 1970 Worldcon Site Selection.

"At Heicon was fought the 'Battle of the Balcony' when fandom routed the bad guys."

1970 Hugos. (Because of the switch from 1-year to 2-year lead times, Heicon did not conduct Worldcon site selection.)

Tony Lewis' Heicon '70 Reminiscence.

See also European Continental Worldcons.

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