Harry Harrison's Nycon Reminiscence

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1939 -- Nycon by Harry Harrison From the Noreascon Three PB.

If not the best -- it certainly was the first. The depression was still on but fandom was flourishing. Just the year before Sam Moskowitz, Jimmy Taurasi, myself, and about nine other juveniles had founded the Queens Science Fiction League. The Worldcon was a must -- even if there was no money. I took my cousin and we sneaked into the subway to save 5 cents. We must have really been broke because we even sneaked into Caravan Hall to save admission. Which was something like ten cents. I don't remember the pros or the program -- just the fanac. Joy of joys, an entire table filled with throwaways and sample fanzines. I loaded up and somewhere buried in my files they must still exist. I hope.

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